Think kids are using their devices too much? I think they’re not using them enough

Growing up, and even as a parent now, this topic still seems to be #UnpopularOpinionPuffin material.

If you want a better argument against tech use, it’s that hours spent on Instagram, Facebook and Snapchat could lead you, as a parent, to have to deal with issues surrounding body shaming, bullying or even predatory interactions with those much older, at a younger age. […] While we criticize children for focusing too much on their electronic devices, I’d argue that the real criticism should fall firmly on us, the parents.

Link: Think kids are using their devices too much? I think they’re not using them enough

Improving your service or product proactively

A good product or service is one that evolves with its users.

There are a number of ways to cope with their needs, and prevent their exodus towards your competitor, but a quick few things come to mind.  Continue reading Improving your service or product proactively

Initiative is the child of common sense

If you’re going to pass your responsibility to others without even trying just because they’re better at it, you’re never going to learn. #p

It’s understandable why you had to fake it ’til you make it, but please strive to be an asset and not a liability to your team.

Have initiative because every one else has their own shit to deal with. Make yourself useful, and worthy of where you are now.

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Generosity is subjective

I chanced upon this post on Imgur regarding Bill Gate’s view on generosity.

He was quoted to have said that the amazing yet unrecognized people who shares even the littlest that’s left of them with others, or gives up personal comfort to help, are the world’s most generous philanthropists — not him.

What struck a chord in me is this one specific discussion in the comments section of the post. Continue reading Generosity is subjective

Me, on Medium at last

Finally, after months (years?) of encountering some pretty good pieces from Medium, I’ve decided to join this great community of thinkers and doers.

Check me out at:

I haven’t contributed anything there yet as of this writing, but my recommendations — mostly related to the same stuff I’ve always been interested in — might be useful for you.

In case you’re still clueless about what Medium is at this point, here’s the blurb from their homepage:

Move thinking forward. Medium is a community of readers and writers offering unique perspectives on ideas large and small.