Happy International Women’s Day!

Just when I thought that we’re past the age of sexism I would see vehicles labeled on the back with either “lady driver” or “new lady driver”.

I’m not sure if they’re expecting to be pampered because of it or not, but why? Why not just simply say “NEW driver”?

Woman, if you allowed yourself to be labeled as such, IMO you’re being discriminatory to yourself and to every other woman driver there is.

Maybe I’m just overreacting to something that might be considered as a minor or insignificant detail. Still, gender/sex should not matter on the road.

Being a woman does not make you any less of a driver.

There will always only be good, uninformed, misinformed or a-hole drivers — no gender attached.

// PS shoutout to the amazing women in my life: wife, daughter, sister & mother.

I’m definitely doing well

Gunshow, On Fire (this is fine, dog, comic)

I don’t understand how I’ve been feeling lately. I seem to have lost interest at a lot of things in life. I’m able to figure out what I can do to make others happy, but somehow I am not able do the same for myself.

I’m not sure how long I’ll be able to keep showing myself as fine — “happy” — when I’m with people. I might have forgotten how being happy for myself feels like.

Feels weird.

Shitastic state of mind

I feel like I’m losing sanity with each passing day, and with the stacking amount of shit getting thrown at me by people I care about (goddamn people I really care about godfuckingdamnit that I deemed them worth isolating myself from others who really cared about me as well because it seems so obvious that it’s what they want to happen).

Sometimes I’d ask myself if the bad weather is my fault too.

Sacrificing nearly everything from my end to make things work doesn’t seem to be working for them. I’m fed up, but I’m not in a position to give up.

My dearest daughter is my world, my life. She understands me and is always there for me unconditionally, without reservations. She has become the reason to wake up every morning (or noon, since I usually work on a graveyard shift).

If I had to walk through searing pieces of broken glass every single day just to be with her, and see her happy — I would (though literally I might not live longer than a week doing so). It’s not even about parental responsibility. Maybe it’s an instinctive dad thing to do, but I suspect it’s more of what they call love.

I wish the aforementioned goddamn people I really care about had that in them too. Selflessness and understanding would be a good start.

Think kids are using their devices too much? I think they’re not using them enough

Growing up, and even as a parent now, this topic still seems to be #UnpopularOpinionPuffin material.

If you want a better argument against tech use, it’s that hours spent on Instagram, Facebook and Snapchat could lead you, as a parent, to have to deal with issues surrounding body shaming, bullying or even predatory interactions with those much older, at a younger age. […] While we criticize children for focusing too much on their electronic devices, I’d argue that the real criticism should fall firmly on us, the parents.

Link: Think kids are using their devices too much? I think they’re not using them enough