Happy International Women’s Day!

Just when I thought that we’re past the age of sexism I would see vehicles labeled on the back with either “lady driver” or “new lady driver”.

I’m not sure if they’re expecting to be pampered because of it or not, but why? Why not just simply say “NEW driver”?

Woman, if you allowed yourself to be labeled as such, IMO you’re being discriminatory to yourself and to every other woman driver there is.

Maybe I’m just overreacting to something that might be considered as a minor or insignificant detail. Still, gender/sex should not matter on the road.

Being a woman does not make you any less of a driver.

There will always only be good, uninformed, misinformed or a-hole drivers — no gender attached.

// PS shoutout to the amazing women in my life: wife, daughter, sister & mother.

Initiative is the child of common sense

If you’re going to pass your responsibility to others without even trying just because they’re better at it, you’re never going to learn. #p

It’s understandable why you had to fake it ’til you make it, but please strive to be an asset and not a liability to your team.

Have initiative because every one else has their own shit to deal with. Make yourself useful, and worthy of where you are now.

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Generosity is subjective

I chanced upon this post on Imgur regarding Bill Gate’s view on generosity.

He was quoted to have said that the amazing yet unrecognized people who shares even the littlest that’s left of them with others, or gives up personal comfort to help, are the world’s most generous philanthropists — not him.

What struck a chord in me is this one specific discussion in the comments section of the post. Continue reading Generosity is subjective